Recruitment Update

by Batcat - Gregor, 281 days ago

We're currently in need of 2 dps, offspecs are a bonus but are not required.  The classes we are currently recruiting are:

Deathknight (dd)  
druid (balance)  
druid (feral-dd)  
monk (dd)  
paladin (retribution)  
shaman (enhancement)  
warrior (dd)


However, exceptional applications from any role/class will be considered

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by Batcat - Gregor, 292 days ago

hes ok


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Prestige Has Moved! Hello Tarren Mill

by Batcat - Gregor, 303 days ago

Our whole raid team has moved to Tarren Mill to continue our development, its been fun Aszune.


Recruitment currently open for a Tank and a Dps, preferably a Mage.


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